Hello from Grandbazaar

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We met in a pool side restaurant, in Grand Bazaar.
I wanted to wash my hands, before I sat down.
Your gorgeous green shrieked out, ‘Stop!’
Two shiny black beads caught me in, pronouncing a warm welcome.
You screamed your lungs out one after another.
Blue skies, flying high, coconut trees, goodbye were not in your repertoire.
Your cage looked brand new, big and sterile.
I scratched your head. Yellow as the sun in the Caribbian.
Your gentle bill kissed my finger. Strong as the rocks of New Zealand.
Vivid coloures reminded me of Pacific Islands.
My tears almost rained down,
As the waiter put a blanket on your cage to make you quiet.
I have no appetite anymore.
Thank you, no Musakka, no Sish Kebab, no Cacık.
Eighty imprisoned years with a silly ‘Merhaba’ .

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